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CeSMEC is engaged in fundamental research related to the environment, focusing on using Engineering methods for alternative energy, Carbon capture and high pressure science. Actively engaging students in research and the pursuit of excellence has always been a guiding principle for CeSMEC.

CeSMEC is situated on the MMC campus of FIU in the building Viertes Haus (VH)



International meeting on
Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions (SMEC2013)

March 23-March 30, 2013
Miami (FL)

Geomaterials Genome Project Meeting (March 20-23, 2013, Miami Beach)

We will organize a NSF sponsored meeting to discuss the assessment of thermodynamic and materials property database to model earth processes. The goal will be to seek collaboration in designing a database project that will let us merge existing databases in a single set of data for universal acceptance and use. This is a very ambitious goal and will require a decade of time and significant amount of funding of many groups including the computer scientist.

With this note, we invite suggestions from all members of the geosciences community, the COMPRES and the Deep Carbon Observatory members. Limited funds are available for travel expenses.


Latest News

2012-08-01 - Piston cylinder aparatus is ready for use.

2012-06-19 - Ross passed his PhD dissertation defense successfully.

2010-05-12 - Jennifer's proposal defense: 17th of May, 10 am (VH 160) - Lyci's PhD defense: 19th of May, 10 am (EC3350)

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Latest Publications

R. Hrubiak, V. Drozd, Ali Karbasi, and S. K. Saxena. (2012) High P-T structure and P-V-T equation of state of Hafnium. Journal of Applied Physics (111), 112612.

A. Duzynska, R. Hrubiak, V. Drozd, , H. Teisseyre, W. Paszkowicz, A. Reszka, A. Kaminska, A. Durygin, S. Saxena, J.D. Fidelus, J. Grabis, C.J. Monty, A. Suchocki. The high-pressure structural properties of ZnO bulk and nano crystals. High Pressure Research: an International Journal (2012)

A. Karbasi, S. K. Saxena, R. Hrubiak. (2011) Thermodynamics of several elements at high pressures. CALPHAD: Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry (35), 72-81.

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