Equipment available to CeSMEC users and associated partners:

Equipment rates for FIU users.

New Diamond anvil cell

For high-pressure and high-temperature in situ studies using X-ray, we have designed a new cell, which would permit you to reach temperatures up to 1500 K with very homogenous heated sample. An external modification permits the use of any Mao-Bell cell.

Multianvil press

Multianvil/piston cylinder press

Recently, the experimental capacity of CeSMEC has increased with the arrival of a Walker-type module.

X-ray diffractometer
X-ray diffractometer
X-Ray powder diffraction laboratory

It consists of Bruker GADD/D8 X-Ray system with Apex Smart CCD Detector, imaging plate and direct-drive rotating anode.
The MacSci rotating anode (Molybdenum) is used with a 50 kV generator and 20 mA current. X-Ray size of 50 to 100 microns .
The facility is ideally suitable for a pressure range from 0 to 50 GPa (depending on the chemical composition of the sample) and for the high temperature study of materials from 300 to 3000 K at ambient pressure. The high intensity X-ray beam results from the use of AXS optical device. The usual collection time is 60 to 600 seconds.

Raman spectroscopy
Raman spectroscopy

Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy can be performed using either a grating of 514 nm or 785 nm. The range of pressure and temperature are similar to those of the X-ray.

laser heating system
Laser heating system

Laser heating system

High pressure synthesis or melting of solids can be performed with laser heating. Two types of CW lasers (CO2-120W and YLF-55W) are available. Temperature can be measured by spectroradiometry to about 6000 K.

High temperature sythesis

High-temperature synthesis of small samples can be performed in inert atmosphere to temperatures of 3000 K at ambient pressure.

gaz loading system
Gas loading system

Gas loading system

Hydrogen gas loading system

Machine shop
Machine shop

Machine Shop

Machine shop


CeSMEC calulation cluster

Two comupers with dual processor mothebords and two Xenon Core 2, 3.0 GHz procesors in each. Used for ab-initio calulation.
Operational System: Linux, Rocks Cluster.
Installed: VASP, SIESTA

Vacuum furnace

Maximum temperature 1750 C
Tungtan heating element
Vacuum 5x10-5 mm at 1700 C
Sample size: 12 x 5 mm
Current status.

Facilities Associated with CeSMEC

The Florida Center for Analytical Electron Microscopy (FCAM)

The Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute (AMERI)

Department of Mechanical Engineering