Dual system: piston cylinder / multianvil

Recently, the experimental capacity of CeSMEC has increased with the arrival of a Walker-type module.
The module has been installed on the press frame coming from the Department of Earth Science. This press was and is still hosting piston cylinders.
Both systems can be used alternatively with minor exchange set up.
The multianvil is now fully operational and is calibrated for 8/3, 10/5 and 14/8 cell assemblies.

multianvil press

2017-09-13 - No serious damages after hurricane Irma in our laboratory.

2016-09-01 - Prof. Jiuhua Chen is director of CeSMEC now.

2016-09-01 - Saxena is professor emeritus at FIU. For his current research see.

2016-08-30 - We have relocated part of our equipment from VH-170 to VH-150, 151 as result of reorganization of space in our building.

2016-06-30 - Our director Prof. Surendra K .Saxena has retired.

2012-08-01 - Piston cylinder aparatus is ready for use.

2012-06-19 - Ross passed his PhD dissertation defense successfully.

2010-05-12 - Jennifer's proposal defense: 17th of May, 10 am (VH 160) - Lyci's PhD defense: 19th of May, 10 am (EC3350)

2010-04-14 - Gary passed his PhD defense successfully and has been awarded Outstanding Ph.D. Student for Spring 2010 by the department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

2009-11-19 - Our first pure polycrystalline diamond sample has been synthesized using our newly installed multianvil press.

2009-11-02 - Prof. Jiuhua Chen is awarded a subcontract of the DOE Energy Frontier Research Center in Extreme Environments (EFree) from Carnegie Institution of Washington.

2009-07-13 - CeSMEC is now equipped with a SEM

2009-06-18 - Dr. S. Srinivasan from USF will visit CeSMEC on June 22. He will give a talk about "Reversible Hydrogen Storage in Polyaniline Nanostructures and Advanced Complex Hydrides" at 11 am.

2009-06-03 - The first wadsleyite synthesis has been performed in our new multianvil press

2009-05-29 - The multianvil press is now fully operational

2009-05-18 - A new internship has arrived and will stay for 3 months. Welcome Clement