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1996 - 2002

PhD in Physics. Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

PhD thesis: "Optical and electrical properties of defects in selected oxide crystals"
Supervisor Prof. Andrzej Suchocki
1989 - 1994 Specialist (5 years program) in Electrical Engineering. State University Lvivska Politechnika, Lviv, Ukraine, Diploma thesis: "Investigation of defects in oxide crystals"
Supervisor Prof. Andriy Matkovskii

Professional experience
2005- Reasearch CeSMEC, Florida International University
2003 - 2005 Post-Doctoral Fellow, CeSMEC, Florida International University
1994 - 1996 Work on engineer position at Scientific Research Company "Carat" in department of Oxide Crystals, Lviv, Ukraine
Scientific areas of interest Application of high pressure, high temperature techniques in material science and engineering. Nanodiamond and diamond like materials. Optical and physical properties of oxide materials, nano-ceramic, spectroscopy of d- and f- ions, high pressure spectroscopy, physical properties of materials at high pressure and temperature. Hydrogen storage materials, clean energy.
Procedural expertise

Experience in high pressure techniques: diamond-anvils cell and piston cylinder.
Experience in X-ray powder diffraction using synchrotron radiation and high power rotation-anode generators.
Experience in operation of continuous wave and pulsed solid state, diode and gas lasers.
Experience in spectroscopy techniques: Raman spectroscopy, absorption, photoluminescence, thermo stimulated luminescence; transient absorption spectroscopy, photoconductivity of dielectric materials, laser heating of materials, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of gases.
Clean room. Optical microscopy.
Experience in operating of vacuum, cryogenic and high temperature equipment. CADs: AUTOCAD, SolidWorks.
Experience in data acquisition and analysis, automation of measurement experimental setups and writing the programs in LabView. Programming of microcontrollers .

Web design: HTML and PHP. Databases: MySQL.

English - fluent
Ukrainian - native
German - good
Polish - fluent


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