CeSMEC Facility COVID-19 Protocol

Center for Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions (VH-150) is implementing a gradual re-opening program. To work in the CeSMEC facility, you must observe the following protocols for the safety of others, yourself, and to combat the spread of COVID-19.

CeSMEC facility access is granted based on case-by-case approval and only for experimental work.

• The Lab will be open to no more than 2 users at a time per lab to maintain the CDC social distancing guideline.
• Working in shifts is permitted honoring the 2 users per lab guideline.
• Plan your experiments accordingly with the Lab Manager, Dr. Andriy Durygin in order to avoid access conflict.
• Do not enter the lab if you are not feeling well, contact campus health.
• Wash or sanitize hands frequently
• Wear gloves & face covering, avoid touching your face.
• Clean keyboard (instrument controls, the surface of work) before and after each user session. Use paper towels/wipes soaked in IPA/H20 for cleaning, to be provided by the unit.

For more information please visit fiu.edu/coronavirus

Point of Contact:
PI Jiuhua Chen: 626 298 9976/chenj@fiu.edu
Dr. Andriy Durygin: 786 239 0935 (CeSMEC Lab Manager)
Dr. Vadym Drozd: 305 799 4962 (CeSMEC Research Associate)