Sample preparation area




10 t press



Multi-anvil press with Walker-type module.

X-Ray powder diffraction laboratory

It consists of Bruker GADD/D8 X-Ray system with Apex Smart CCD Detector, imaging plate and direct-drive rotating anode.
The MacSci rotating anode (Molybdenum) is used with a 50 kV generator and 20 mA current. X-Ray size of 50 to 100 microns .
The facility is ideally suitable for a pressure range from 0 to 50 GPa (depending on the chemical composition of the sample) and for the high temperature study of materials from 300 to 3000 K at ambient pressure. The high intensity X-ray beam results from the use of AXS optical device. The usual collection time is 60 to 600 seconds.

Raman Spectroscopy laboratory

Raman spectroscopy can be performed using either a grating of 514 nm or 785 nm. The range of pressure and temperature are similar to those of the X-ray.

Laser heating system

High pressure synthesis or melting of solids can be performed with laser heating. Two types of CW lasers (CO2-120W and YLF-55W) are available. Temperature can be measured by spectroradiometry to about 6000 K.

Machine Shop